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Severance Agreements
Attorney Donald Moore drafts and enforces severance agreements, Many times employees are presented with severance agreements to sign at  the time of their termination or lay-off. Generally, these agreements  provide for payment of a specified sum in exchange for a release of any  claims they employee may have arising out of their employment or  termination thereof. These may include discrimination claims or other  legal claims the employee may have. Employees are well advised to have  an attorney review any such severance agreement to provide advice  regarding the employee=s rights and obligations under such an agreement  and the general fairness of the severance offered.

Covenants Not to Compete
Employers routinely require Mr. Moore to draft or to enforce a non-compete and/or non-disclosure agreement. In today's employment environment, many employees are asked to sign covenants not to compete either at the beginning of their employment or at some subsequent time during their employment. When an employee ceases  employment, they are well served to seek legal advice on the  enforceability of such a covenant. Employees who are notified that their  previous employer is going to attempt to enforce such a covenant should  also seek prompt representation to avoid legal action and possible  monetary sanctions. Covenants not to compete are governed by state law  and there are certain requirements for them to be legally enforceable  including reasonable geographical and time limits.

Employment Contracts:

Employers routinely request Mr. Moore to draft employment contracts.  On the flip-side, employees who are lucky enough to be offered contracts of employment  should ensure that the contract they are offered is fair and equitable.  Legal review of an employment contract prior to beginning employment can  save any number of problems during the employment relationship and at  the termination of such relationship.