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is a firm focused on providing aggressive legal representation to clients who are in need of a strong voice to protect their rights.

Most of the cases we handle have been referred to our lawfirm by other lawyers who are familiar with our reputation, skill and experience in handling large and complex cases as well as our reputation and experience in trial. The majority of our practice involves representing victims and their families who have been injured in various types of incidents.

Civil, Criminal, Commercial, Real Estate, Oil & Gas and Environmental, Immigration, Bankruptcy, Estate Planning, Probate and Family Law Cases


Criminal Cases including DWI/DUI
Family Law Cases (Divorce)  
Estate Planning & Probate
18 Wheeler Accidents
Wrongful Death Cases
Catastrophic Injuries
Real Estate Cases
Commercial Cases
Hazing Cases
Drunk Driving Cases or Accidents
Cases Against Insurance Companies
Injuries to Children
Failure to Provide Adequate Security
Automobile accidents 
Premises Liability Cases
Drug/sex Offense Cases

ATTORNEY DONALD MOORE has experience in defending and prosecuting these types of cases. Donald Moore has worked not only for the insurance companies in defending lawsuits, but has also represented victims and their family members who have been killed or seriously injured as a result of hazing, as a result of 18 wheeler accidents, as a result of drunk drivers and as a result of many other types of incidents.
  He has also handled many general law cases including criminal law and family law cases.

 On injury cases, we believe our prior experiece in working for the insurance companies has given us an insight into understanding how the insurance companies evaluate their cases.  Our prior experience help us to maximize the recoveries for our clients.

Rarely will organizations or people who are involved in an accident admit that was their fault. Frequently, there is even a coverup, a Code of Silence, about the incident and the traditions of the company or organization. Often there is even an organized effort to protect not only the individuals involved, but also the organization. In fact, most companies have adopted rules that require their emloyees to take an oath of secrecy and loyalty to the organization.

On hazing cases: and the Code of Silence, hazing cases are complex cases that require extensive investigation. Although the police and school authorities may be of great assistance in investigating these types of cases, often the police and even the schools are not equipped or experienced in handling a complex hazing case. The only way to discover the truth and to get justice is to investigate the case yourself, and usually with the help of an experienced attorney who is familiar with hazing cases.
If you or a family member have lost a loved one due to a hazing incident or a suspected hazing incident, we encourage you to take prompt action, to report the incident to the appropriate legal and school authorities, to investigate the matter with the assistance of an experienced attorney familiar with hazing cases, and to know what your rights are. Taking control of the situation and discoverying the truth surrounding the loss of your loved one is often a very helpful way to deal with your loss, and may help prevent others from suffering a similar loss in the future. Act Now. Know Your Rights. Stop Hazing Now.

 1006 N. Bowen Rd., Suite 124
Arlington, Texas 76012
(817) 459-0007